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The VDEH is a pilot project between the State Center Community College District, the Fresno K-16 Collaborative and the Office of Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, and participating Fresno and Madera high schools. The platform is powered by Quottly.

The VDEH enables you to register into select community college classes taught online by colleges associated with the State Center Community College District. You will choose the class from the VDEH, sign into the VDEH using your high school sign-on credentials and complete some basic enrollment information. The VDEH will then identify if there is an existing CCCApply application and notify the parents, high school counselors and college counselors to complete the required permissions for enrollment.

The student's approval process begins when the student moves to the Eligible Pending Approval state. The application moves through three consecutive approval steps; (1) High School Approval, (2) Parent or Guardian Approval, and (3) College Approval.

If approving, the high school counselor must Input a valid parent or guardian email address and upload a student transcript file(s). A one-time link will be sent to this address for the. If denying, no further information is required

Will receive an email with a one-time approval link. The parent or guardian will have the option to approve or deny.

Will have the option to view student transcript and approve or deny. Following complete approval, for the initial pilot, students will not be automatically registered into a course. The A&R department should continue completing a manual check on eligibility and registering the student before giving final approval.